How It Works

How Selling on BTXdeals Works

New sellers must apply for an account prior to being able to list anything on Opening a seller account is free of charge.

New listings are submitted through our sellers portal to be reviewed, verified, and edited by BTXdeals. If approved, the item is listed ready for sale. Posting an item for listing is free.

Potential buyers can ask questions directly to the seller of an item by using the Ask Seller link shown on the products page.

On completion of the sale, BTXdeals will hold the BitCoins in 'escrow' until the seller confirms dispatch of the goods and provides a courier tracking number for the consignment.

BTXdeals acts as only an intermediary in the transaction. BTXdeals will deduct a 5% transaction fee from the sales price before the balance is sent to the seller.

The seller can elect to receive proceeds in either BitCoins(BTC) or Pounds Sterling(GBP).